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Tuesday. 8.2.05 11:38 pm
A few hours ago, while sitting back wile an ice cold bottle of coke waiting for XPPGY to activate, i noticed somthing. Somthing, very odd. This oddity was in fact so odd, that it baffled me. Now, I don't really know if you can really be baffled by an oddity but it seemed as if I was. Anyway, the strange thing that had tormented me so and caused me to enjoy my coke less, was the led zeppelin cd that was sitting on my desk.

'Why is this so odd?' you may cluelessly ask, unknowing of what kind of story could back such a pointless thing up. Well my friends the answer is clearer than you think. The fact is, I dont own a led zeppelin cd. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against led zeppelin, I just don't have any of ther CD's. As i tried to figure out why it was there, thoughts of satanistic subliminal messages race hrough my head. It began to block my concentration. All i could hear was 'There was a toolshed where he made us suffer, sweet satin'. It began to creep me out.

Eventually, i could think of nothing but various subliminal messages. So i decided to look it up on the ultimate source of all things known and erotic, the internet. I found a number of sites with tons of subliminal messages, and I came across a few that seemed a bit odd. Or maybe even fake:

Pokemon: Yes, it seems that 4kids entertainment wants you to bite the apple as well. The song goes 'Gotta catch 'em all, Gotta catch 'em all YEAH!' so on and so forth. But if you play it backwards: 'Satin is good, satin is good. SATIN is good satin is..' You get the jist of it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: It goes 'Turtles count it off, TURTLES' ect. But backwards, you hear 'Heroine is good for you SELTRUT!'. Hmm, those damn hippies!

The National anthem: 'Oh say can you see' may seem familliar, but what the government is really saying is: 'ees uoy nac yas ho'. I couldent belive it either folks. Those bastards! And i watched the inaguration!

And last but not least, the alltime favorite of tuns of bum low life kids: Yu GI OH!:
it goes '(i dunno how it goes)' but backwards, you'd be suprised to hear 'Yugi likes sex and drugs, so should YOU! Yugi's cool because he smokes pot, and [graphic adult content removed]' Eww...and i let my 13 year old watch this shit! GOD DAMMIT YOU FUCKIN KID!

-Until next time


whoa, that is crazy. can u tell me what website you heard that shit on, i want to hear for myself. fucking shit, if that is real....and i used to like some of those shows. fuck......also, i can't believe the assholes would tell us ees ouy nac ho, those sons of bitches!! thank you for telling me this shit, so now i can listen to them for ever.
» zero_jak on 2005-08-03 01:08:05

huh? what do you mean
» Ajibalaji89 on 2005-08-03 02:40:01

What so you mea what do you mean?
Read above.
» dishysucubus on 2005-08-03 05:50:19

You have a 13 year old?
» KatnicityAnnToTheMax on 2005-08-04 08:54:17

ees uoy nac yas ho
That's just sick, utterly repulsive.
» dave on 2005-08-04 04:20:28

13 yr old?
Wait, I don't understand the question about a 13 yr old.
» dishysucubus on 2005-08-06 01:16:13

she means do you have a dead rotting 13 year old corpse in your basement. i know you do. don't we all? haha, i mean, right. come on!! everyone has one in their basement, or closet. don't you? well, uh....then you need to get one. they are wicked awsome, and make for great decoration. i little advise i picked up from the HGTV channel. you should watch it some time.
» zero_jak on 2005-08-06 07:17:37

But they smell..
Smell, like the stench of....failure...which is surprisingly similar to the stench of 13 year old body...um....odor...
» dishysucubus on 2005-08-07 10:59:40

I dunno if it's the fact that it's not even seven AM yet.. or that I'm barely conscious... but this is funny.... hysterically so!!
» Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan on 2005-08-08 08:45:25

Led Zeppelin is God.
Obey their command. And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our soul, therw wlks a lady we all know, who shines white light and wants to show,how everythign still turns to gold, and if you listen very hard, the truth will come to you at last, when all is one and one is all, to be a rock and not to roll.
» Bartholomew on 2005-08-15 02:01:13

» gotenkz on 2006-02-10 05:23:45

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